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Create a Marketing List

A marketing list is a feature in CRM that allows you to create different marketing groups of individuals and use those lists to create email campaigns, or complete other activities in the CRM system.

2. Complete the required fields for your new marketing list and click Save.

  • Name - Give your list a name that is related to the purpose of the list or makes it easy to remember/identify.
  • List type - Static or Dynamic. See a comparison of those two types below.
  • Targeted at - This gives the starting point for your management of members so you can select Contacts (most common), Accounts, or Leads.
  • Purpose - Give a description of why you are creating this list.
  • Source - where did the information come from if applicable.
  • Currency - what currency will be the default.
  • Modified On - this will adjust automatically to show the most recent date the list was updated.
  • Cost - Specify a cost associated with the campagin.
  • Last Used on - Will automatically update with the most recent campaign associated with the marketing list.
  • Locked - Yes or No - is the list locked from updates.
  • Owner - The owner of the list, usually the creator of the list.
  • Description - Include any additional descriptive information here.

2.1. Differences between Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists

Differences between Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists

Note that once you save your marketing list you cannot change the Static/Dynamic type, so give this some thought before getting too far into the process. There are advantages to either option depending on your purpose.

Source: Hosk's Dynamic CRM Blog

3. Select Manage Members in the top tool-bar.

4. If a Static List, you will be directed to the Lookup Records window

Search for the Contacts, Accounts, or Leads you want to add to the Marketing List, click +New to create a new record, or use Advanced lookup to filter the data further.

Click the drop-down next to the view name and switch to different views, or sort columns. When you have selected all of the records desired, click Done, then click Add in the Lookup records window.

On the Marketing List record, you can see Members in the related Members tab.

5. In a Dynamic List, you'll set Advanced Find criteria

The dynamic list goes right to the advanced find and automatically adds/removes users based on the query. You can adjust your query on a dynamic list, but you will not be able to hand pick which results to include. like you can on a static one.

6. Once you have your query set, click Find to view the results.

Choose to use the query or edit it again.

7. Create Campaigns and Quick Campaigns via sub-grids

8. Or, once you have your Marketing List, you can create campaigns from the Active Marketing List View.