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Initial Certification Requirement: Entity Definition

The purpose of the Initial Certification Requirements records are to determine whether the Certification Application should be deactivated as Completed or Failed and as result whether the Certification record is created or not. If all Requirements are Completed, then the Application record will be deactivated as Completed and the related Certification record will be created. If any of the Requirements are marked as Failed, the Application will be deactivated as Failed and a related Certification record will not be created.

The requirements are linked to an Initial Certification Application Type record. If you have a certain requirement, for example Check Resume, for multiple Certification Application Type records, then you will need multiple Initial Certification Requirements with that name so that each Application Type record has its own version of the requirement. If requirements need to be completed in a specific order, you can create prerequisites for any requirement so that one or more of the other requirements must be completed first.

Navigating to the entity:

  • Certification Module > Certification Types > Initial Certification Application Type > Requirements

Note: Below are the fields that are included in the Cobalt product. Depending on the version of code and any customization, the CRM may display somewhat differently.


Name - The unique name of the requirement

Application Type - A  lookup to the Certification Application Type record for this requirement

Mode - The mode is where you determine how this requirement will be completed.

  • There are 7 available modes: Manual, Query, Order Paid, Command Text, Audit, Exam, Manual Audit (Queried)


If you select Audit mode, you will need to complete the following fields.

Audit Flag - designate which field is related to the Audit Flag so that those marked "No" will complete the requirement automatically.

Note that if an application is flagged for audit, staff will need to complete audit tasks and then manually deactivate the requirement to complete it. Typically this is cobalt_flaggedforaudit (as seen in the screenshot) but if another field is the trigger you will need the schema, not just the display name.

Audit Percentage - Set the percentage of applications which will be flagged for audit. Enter a number between 0-1.


If you select Exam mode, then the exam fields will need to be completed.

Exam Type - A look up to an exam type that will be associated with this application type.

Automatically Generate Test Application - Toggle this to Yes if you want the system to create the Test app as soon as the Exam requirement is set to Pending. If you would prefer to manually create the test applications you can leave this defaulted to No.

Maximum Exam Attempts - Set the number of times an applicant can sit for the exam before this application requirement is marked as Failed which would require the applicant to submit a new application to try again. It must be at least 1.


A sub-grid with links to the Prerequisite records will display.