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Initial Certification Fee: Entity Definition

The purpose of the Initial Certification Fee record is to:

  • link a Product/Fee to the Initial Certification Application record
  • determine who is eligible for the fee by setting a Query
  • control the eligibility dates for when the fee is available

There may be more than one Initial Certification Fee for every Initial Certification Application Type.

Navigating to the entity:

  • Certification Module > Certification Types > Initial Certification Application Type > Initial Certification Fee

Note: Below are the fields that are included in the Cobalt product. Depending on the version of code and any customization, the CRM may display somewhat differently.


Name - The name of the application fee

Display Name - This is how the fee will appear on the portal.

Initial Certification Application Type - A lookup to the Initial Certification Application Type for this fee

Sort Order - If there are multiple fees associated with the Initial Certification Application Type, the numeric value in this field will determine the order that the fees display on the portal. In the example in the screenshot, the fee will display second.

Eligibility Start Date - This is the date the fee will begin displaying on the portal.

Eligibility End Date - This will be the final date the fee will display on the portal.

Product - This is the product that will be charged to contacts who fall under the query for this fee.


If the fee should only be available to a select group, the Query criteria will need to be set up so that only registrants who match the criteria will have the fee appear on the portal.