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Approving or Denying an Initial Certification Application

You can manually deactivate an application with the status of Completed, which will create a Certification, or inactive, which will not. However, we suggest that the best practice is to allow the system to automatically handle this after completing all the initial certification application requirements. If all of your requirements are handled by the system (Exam, Query, Command Text, Order Paid) then this will happen without your intervention. If you have a manual or audit requirement then you will need to complete those requirements in order for the application to be completed.

*Note the requirements are only created once an application is submitted so make sure that you have submitted an application before attempting to review its progress.

2. Check the status of the requirements.

Active Requirements may have a status reason of

  • Pending -- This is the default status for a requirement that is ready to be completed but has not been yet.
  • Waiting for Prerequisites -- This is the status for a requirement that is waiting for another requirement to be completed before it can proceed.

Inactive Requirements may have a status reason of

  • Failed -- The applicant did not successfully complete the requirement. (An application will not be approved if there are any requirements in failed status.
  • Complete -- The applicant successfully completed the requirement. (Once all requirements show a status of complete the application will be completed and the certification record created).



3. Deactivating A Manual or Audit Requirement

3.1. Click Run Workflow in the toolbar to run the Complete workflow.

3.2. Click Deactivate in the toolbar and select the status reason Failed to reject the requirement.

When the last Application Requirement is marked Completed, the Certification record will be generated and a link will be added to the lookup on the Initial Certification Application record. Additionally, the Initial Certification Application record will become Inactive with a status reason of Completed.

Remember that any requirement with a status reason of failed will cause the Initial Certification Application to fail.

If the related Test Application record is deactivated as Failed, the status reason on the Initial Certification Application record will automatically update to Failed.