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Initial Certification Application: Entity Definition

The Initial Certification Application record is the application document for a specific applicant. It is linked to an initial certification application type, fee, and requirements. Additionally, if the application is completed successfully, it will also be linked to the certification record.

If an Application is deactivated as Failed, an applicant can apply again and will have a second Initial Certification Application record created for the new attempt.

Navigating to the entity:

  • Certification Module > Initial Certification Applications

Note: Below are the fields that are included in the Cobalt product. Depending on the version of code and any customization, the CRM may display somewhat differently.


Name - The name of the application

Contact - The applicant

Initial Certification Fee -  A lookup to the application fee for this application

Initial Certification Application Type - A lookup to the application type for this application

Certification - The certification for which the application has been completed. (Note: The Certification record will be created and added to the field after the application requirements have all been completed.)

Date Submitted - The date the application was submitted

Form Response - If the application required the applicant to submit a form, the response will be linked here.

Terms Accepted - The date will automatically be entered with the date the terms were accepted by the applicant through the portal. If the record is created manually by staff, the date will need to be entered manually.

Flagged for Audit - This will let you know if this application as been flagged for auditing.

Currency - This is automatically set from the Price List on the Contact record if the applicant applies through the portal. Otherwise, if the record is created manually by staff, the value will need to be entered manually.


A sub-grid with links to all the Requirement records will display.