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Exam Type: Entity Definition

The Exam Type record (and the Test record) are records used on the back-end in CRM that impact how the fields will be auto-populated on the Exam record and Test Application record, which are both specific to a Contact's Certification Application. The Exam Type record needs to be set up in order for the functionality related to certification exams to work properly.

The Exam Type record links the Test record to all the Exam records.

Navigating to the entity:

  • Certification Module > Certification Types > Open a Certification Type > Open an Initial Certification Application Type > Open the Initial Certification Requirement that has Mode set to Exam > Exam Type

Note: Below are the fields that are included in the Cobalt product. Depending on the version of code and any customization, the CRM may display somewhat differently.


Name - A unique identifying name for the exam which usually includes the Certification Type name.

Program Code - A unique exam/program code if applicable.