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How to Setup Prerequisites for Initial Certification Requirements

We most often see the Exam Requirement record with prerequisites, but you can place them on any requirement. If a requirement has prerequisites, then it will be in a unique status "Waiting for Prerequisites" until the other requirements are met. For example, if you have an Audit Requirement, an Order Paid Requirement, and an Exam Requirement, you don't want to send exam information to your testing vendor until you have completed the audit and received payment. So you can set up the Exam Requirement to have these other two as prerequisites. The system will not allow any action to be taken on the Exam Requirement before the other two are completed.

2. Click Add Existing Initial Certification Requirement

3. Select the necessary Requirement record.

Make sure you look up to a requirement that already exists on the related Initial Certification Application Type record. You can't have a prerequisite requirement that the person will never meet because it's associated with a different Application Type record.

4. Click Add

5. To Remove a Prerequisite, select the record in the sub-grid.

5.1. Click the More Commands option.

5.2. Click Remove.