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Create Class Registration Fees

In order to display correctly on the portal your class will need a fee record even if you do not charge for the course. Free classes can have a $0 product associated with them or no product at all. Follow the steps below to create one or multiple class registration fees.

Open the class record you want to add a fee to

Fill in Required Fields and Optional fields as desired

  1. Name -- The name for the fee that will display in both CRM and the portal
  2. Class -- A look up to the class the fee is for. This should automatically populate if you start from the class record
  3. Product -- A look up to the product for the amount to charge. If left blank then the class will show as $0.00
  4. Begin Date -- When this fee becomes available. This date should be set to limit the registration window to a reasonable time frame
  5. End Date -- When this fee is no longer available for registration. This date should be set to limit the registration window to a reasonable time frame
  6. Form -- A look up to a Cobalt Form. If you are planning to ask for specific information from class registrants you can create a form related to class registrations and link it here
  7. Publish to Portal -- Mark as Yes to allow for registrations on the portal. Keep this as no if you are not ready to share on the portal or do not wish to do so
  8. Sort Order -- Can be left blank if there is only one fee, but is recommended if there are multiple fees and you want to control the order in which they appear to the customer
  9. Cancelation Fee -- This is a look up to a product that will be charged to a customer who cancels the registration. You cannot charge more than the amount on the registration product. If there is no cancelation fee then this can be left blank
  10. System Query - this will generate by default when you first save the record so no data  can be entered here. To limit this fee to a certain group of people you will be able to click View Query in the toolbar to set your criteria. If no filtering is required then you do not need to do anything here. By default fee queries are for all contacts.

Click Save or Save/Close

Once saved you can click View Query to add the filter to the fee. You can also make changes to any of the data as needed.