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Question Logic: Conditionally Require

As part of the form questions you can set some questions to be conditionally required based on the response to a prior question. This logic is related to both the Parent Question and the Child Question. For example if you have an option set, you may only want to have people fill in an explanation field if they select "Other" but for any other response an additional explanation is optional. With Conditionally Required questions, all the questions will appear on the form, but the child questions will only become required if the question logic is met on the parent questions. To set up this logic follow the steps below.

Click + Add New Question Logic

Fill in the Question Logic Form

Fill in the Question Logic Form

Name - A unique identifier for this question logic for internal use only.

Parent Question - Which question will trigger the condition (if you start with the question and select Parent Logic this should autopopulate)

Answer - Type the answer that will trigger the logic. Note that this is not a look up. You must type the answer exactly the same as it appear in any option set. If you are using a different question type note that any answer that doesn't exactly match what you put here will not trigger the conditional logic

Child Question - Look up to the question that will become required based on the logic

Required Error Message - The message that will be displayed if a customer tries to skip the question once it has become required

Type - Conditionally Require

Description - an optional field for any information you want to internally note about this logic

How does it look on the portal?

How does it look on the portal?

All the questions are on display, However, if I click Yes in the parent question I can then click continue and move on to the next page since my logic in this example was for No. If I click No, then the validation message from my question logic will remind me to complete the now required question.