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Entities That Support Cobalt Forms

The form wizard allows you to update the elements below in a single page dynamic format, but we do have a few customers who may want to navigate through the related records that the wizard creates. Note that these records will generate when you use the wizard so you should not be manually creating the records discussed below.

The Form records simply records the name, description and related process or entity.

Pages organize data into what customers will view in one screen

Name - Name of the Page

Form - Lookup to the form record that page is related to

Type - Question Page, Text Page, Summary Page - sets logic for the page

Sort Order - Places pages in the correct display order


Sections allow you to divide a single page for easier navigation between distinct topics

Sections allow you to organize content on a page into sections/categories. In my example I could have a section on Past Experience and then another section about Current Experience that appear on the same page. The decision to use multiple sections on a page and/or multiple pages will depend on the information you are trying to collect and what looks best to you and makes sense to customers.

Name - Name of section to display on the portal

Page - Lookup to the page the section is on

Sort Order - Set the order the sections will display in

For question pages there are question records

  • Name -- This is how the question will appear on the portal. So the name would be, for example, "How many trainings have you attended prior to this year?"
  • Type - Define the field type for question responses.
  • Section - This should automatically populate from the prior record with the section where the question will appear.
  • Sort Order - As with other sort order fields this allows you to put a uniform order to the questions. Not needed if you only have one.
  • Is Mapped Entity match Field - This will determine if this question's answer can be used to match an existing record.
  • Validation Validation and Format Validation
  • Required - If the person completing the form must answer the question keep this as Yes. If answering the question is optional change this to No.
  • Validation Message - If the question is required but someone does not complete it, this is where you can customize the message they see on the portal. The message appears in red and will continue to appear until the information is entered correctly.
  • Format (Regular Expression) - If you have a specific format requirement for the information you can put your code here.
  • Validation Message - This is where you can explain the required format, so this message will appear if a person enters information but it is not formatted correctly.

Answer values are set for questions with options to select rather than input answers

  • Display Value - This is what you will see in the wizard/portal.
  • Value - If you are mapping answers to a field in CRM you will need to get the numeric value from field record. If you are not mapping to a field in CRM you can have this be the same as the display value.
  • Question - This field will automatically populate from the question record you started from.
  • Sort Order - You can select what order the answers appear in.