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Creating a Static Option Set or Two options Question

If you are using an unmapped control to create a question with specified answers the Form Designer allows you to create both the questions and answers as part of the question configuration. The steps below show how this will look.

1. Create the Unmapped Control by selecting Static Option Set, Static Multi-Select, or Static Two Options

2. Click Edit to configure

3. Set up the General Options as needed (below is an example)

4. Click the Answers Section

5. Enter data into the Name and Value fields

Note that since this is not a mapped control the value can be a number or be the same as the name. It is up to you as long as you are not mapping answers back to a field in CRM.

6. Click Add Answer to add additional options.

7. Adjust the Sort Order as Desired, Save changes, or Delete options as needed.

8. Click Save Question to retain all changes.

8.1. These options are editable at any point by opening the Form Designer Wizard.