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Setting up Forgot Password E-mail Template

Cobalt provides a default e-mail template but you can edit this or create your own to send to contacts who go through the Forgot Password steps on the portal.

View or change the default template on the Setting Entity

On the Cobalt (Admin) form select Templates.

If 'Forgot Password Notification' field is blank, click on the Empty space and then select 'New Cobalt Email Template', enter 'Name' and click 'Save & Close'. Then select created template on the Settings and click 'Save'.

If one already exists, note the name of the e-mail template but do not access from here. If you want to change the e-mail template you will use the look up button on the right to search for and select the one you want to use instead.

Edit the E-mail Template

Open the Template you wish to edit and add your text.