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When a Membership Application is Submitted

Membership Applications can be submitted in one of two ways:

  1. Through CRM using the Membership Application Wizard on the Contact's record, or
  2. Through the online portal. 

The following takes place in CRM during and after the application process:

  1. Upon launching the application process, a membership application record is created with a status of Active: Working.
  2. When the applicant accepts the terms and conditions, the membership application status changes to Active: Submitted. A membership record is created with a status of Active: Pending.
  3. When the applicant completes the application process (usually by submitting payment), the status changes to Active: Completed. The membership record status changes to Active: Active. (Unless other requirements are set up--these will have to be met before the application completes and the membership is activated). 
  4. Usually, an order will be automatically generated for the membership. This occurs for one of two reasons:
    • The Membership Application Fee has a product linked to it, and/or
    • The Membership Application Fee has a dues option linked to it, and that dues option is related to a dues product.
    • If either of these scenarios are met, the Membership Application Wizard and portal will prompt for payment. If the user pays by check, the order will have a status of Active:New until the payment for the check can be processed. If the user pays by credit card, the order will have a status of Fulfilled:Complete and an invoice with a status of Paid:Complete.
    • A payment for the amount paid will be tied to the invoice. As with the creation of all invoices, GL Account Entries and batch items will be created. 
  5. An active membership record is created for the contact. The Member Type, Join Date, and End Date are populated.



Note: If Auto-Generate AR for Membership Applications = True on the Settings record, an order and an invoice will be created as part of step 2 instead of step 4.