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Navigation in CRM 2015

In many of the user manual articles we have a "navigate to" step in the process. While most of the forms and processes are very similar from 2013 to 2015 or 2016, the navigation can be a little different. In this article, we will be providing some clarification on what it means to navigate to a record for CRM 2015.

Using the Menu Tiles

The menu tiles allow you to access different parts of the system and track your progress without taking up space on the page.

1. In CRM 2015, you can access different sections of the system by clicking the downward arrow next to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

2. From within that section, you can click to related entities by clicking the downward arrow next to that section.

3. From the related entity, you can click the downward arrow to view recently viewed records in the menu tiles.

4. The record will also appear in the menu tiles, but if you click the downward arrow related entities will be able to be selected there but viewed in list form on the screen.

So in the example above the user has navigated from the main menu (MIcrosoft Dynamics CRM) to the Sales section, then to the Accounts Entity and the Alvin Community College record. From there you see the menu tiles in the drop down for the related entities to that contact record. If we were to click on Meetings (Exhibitor), you would see that information in list form.

Note that the menu tile and header are letting you know that you are still on the Account record even though you are looking at the Meeting Exhibit Associated View. You will see a toolbar where you can take some actions on the related records without opening them. However you can also open the record if you choose. Though as you can see in the screenshot below that will move your menu tiles to display differently since you are now looking at a different record on a different entity.

To open more than one record at once you can bump out the record.

To open more than one record at once you can bump out the record.

You may find that you want to be able to flip between two records without navigating through the menu tiles each time. While CRM no longer opens each new record in a new tab or window you can still bump them out when you want to. Simply click on the diagonal arrow in the top right corner of a record to open it in a new tab. The new tab will open with the most recent record and the prior record will show in the original tab.

Cobalt Admin or Settings?

If you used to use CRM 2011 you were used to seeing all administrative tasks under a single Settings section. In CRM 2015 these are divided into two sections. Settings is default CRM so Processes, System Jobs, Administration, Data Management among others. Cobalt Admin will contain custom administrative records like your Settings, Page Text, Report text and others.