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E-mail a Report

We have tried to minimize the need to e-mail receipts/reports to your users by having receipts available at the end of most processes that require payment so that they can be printed by the user on the spot. Orders are also available on the portal as part of the user's order history and a receipt can be printed for any order in that list at any time.

However, we realize that even though most users will be able to get their information from the portal, you may sometimes need to e-mail a receipt or other report results to users. Here are the steps to accomplish this in Microsoft CRM.

1. Run the Report and confirm that the information is correct.

You can run a single page or multi-page report depending on your needs. If the report can be run in your CRM system then you can export it.

2. Export the Report from CRM.

Export the Report from CRM.

CRM allows you to export your report in a variety of formats. For receipts PDF or Word documents are the most typical format.

3. Save the Report to your computer.

You can click Save As to save the file to a specific location on your computer or shared drive. Just be sure to save it where you'll be abel to find it and give it a name that makes it easy to recognize.

4. Attach the saved report file to your e-mail.

This should be straightforward, especially if you are sending small reports like a single receipt. For larger reports you may be limited by the attachment size limit set by your e-mail provider. If your attachment is too large you will need to reduce the size of your exported file by breaking it up into smaller files.