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Set Personal Options

There are some adjustments to the default settings that can be made by setting your personal options in CRM to make your system work more specifically for you. To access these fields click on the gear next to your user information in the top right corner of the screen. Select Personalization Settings from the drop down menu.

General Tab

  • Select your home page and settings for Get Started panes - Options include both CRM and custom entities.
  • Set the number of records shown per page in any list of records - Set the number of results in anything from contacts to advanced find results. Minimum 25/Maximum 250
  • Select Default Mode in Advanced Find - Simple gives the current search criteria, Detailed shows current search criteria and editing fields
  • Set the time zone you are in - Time zone for your system, can be different from other users.
  • Select a default currency - Primary currency used for payments 
  • Support high contrast settings - Check the box if you are using high contrast settings in your browser or operating system.
  • Set the default country/region code - Set a default country for your system (useful if only doing business in one country)

Activities Tab

  • Default View - Set how calendar displays data Day, Week, Month
  • Set your default work hours - Start time/End Time - set up when you are usually active in the system

Formats Tab

  • Select how CRM displays number , currency, time, and date formats. Select a format or click Customize to specify custom formats. 

Email Templates

  • Create and modify personal e-mail templates ***These are not accessible to other users as templates created in the E-mail Templates available from the Setting entity are but they are created and can be used in the same way.  


  • Select whether other users can send e-mail for you - check this box if you have workflows or e-mail templates that other users may send using your e-mail address as the From address. 
  • Select the email messages to track in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Outlook and CRM work together and you can specify here which e-mail you want to go automatically to CRM, you can always track individual e-mail later on. 
  • Automatically create records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM - You can create data in the system based on tracked email message and meetings. 


  • Select  your notification preference - set how often your system sends error reports to Microsoft about your CRM system.


  • Select your preferred language for User Interface and Help language.