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Creating Custom Views

You can create custom Views using Advanced Find queries. These custom Views can be set to show when you open certain entities. In the example below we will be creating a custom View for the Contact entity.

To customize your View in this entity select the More Commands button (...) at the top of the form. Then select Create view.

Edit Filter Criteria

You can create a query for what kind of records show up in your View by adding filter criteria. If you do not set a filter all records in the entity will be displayed. For more information on setting an Advanced Find, Click here.

View and Set Properties

Once you have added a filter, click Save in the toolbar. Saving will prompt you to set a Name for your new View. You can even add a description if you like!

Add Columns

You can customize which fields you see in columns in the search results by adding the columns to your view. To do this, click Edit Columns in the toolbar and then click Add Columns on the right in the new window.

This will open another window where you can select the desired columns. The system will default to the entity that you are creating the View for, in this case Contact. You can also add columns from related entities by selecting a different Record Type in the drop down. Select the columns and click OK.

To change the order of columns, select the column, then click the left or right arrow button. Click OK.

Configure Sorting

You can set the View to show data in a particular order by adjusting the sorting.

Click on Edit Columns in the toolbar and then click Configure Sorting on the right.

Use the drop downs to adjust which field the sorting occurs on. The default here is for Full name, Ascending order will which will show names in alphabetical order starting with A. You can change this to any field on the form.


If you wish to remove the View once it has been saved, you can select it from the Saved Views and use the "Delete Saved View" button to remove it from the list.