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View and Run Available Reports

  1. Use the Menu Tiles to navigate to Sales > Reports.
  2. Search for and open the report you need.



1. If you are wanting to run a report from a single record like an order, or contact you will find that some reports are linked to different entities. To run a report linked to an entity/record you will open the desired entity.

2. Click on the More Options button

3. Select Run Reports in the drop down menu(if reports are available you should see an Arrow next to this option)

4. Select the report you want to run from the drop down.



Filters and Report Fields

No matter where you start a report you have the option to edit filters. If you start from the reports menu you will see the filter first thing, if you start from an individual record you will see the filter button in the top right. You can clear all filters to run the report on all possible records. If you are only looking for records, let's say created in the last month, you can filter for that. For an individual record you will see that the filter is set for that record. You can set the filter just like you would an advanced find.


For some reports you may be able to adjust which fields are visible in the Item Details on the report. You can click the drop down menu at the top and make your adjustments. To see those adjustments in the report, click View Report on the far right corner.