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Editing an Advanced Find

If you need to edit an existing view there are few items to be aware of.

Clear all search criteria

Clear all search criteria

If you want to start from scratch you can clear all the search criteria by selecting clear in the top ribbon tool bar. 

Edit or Remove Selected Criteria

Edit or Remove Selected Criteria

You may wish to edit or remove only a few parts of the existing query. To do so you will want to make sure you have the right view with options to arrows like you see in the screenshot below. If your view appears like the screenshot above, you will need to select Details in the top ribbon tool bar to get the editing arrows to show.

When you select arrow beside each criteria you have the option to Select the Row (useful if you want to combine it with other rows), Hide the Row, or Delete the row if you no longer want it as part of the query.

You can adjust the field searched for by selecting the first column in the row and changing it to the field you want to search for. For example you could Change Certification Begin Date seen above to Created On Date if that was a desired change.

You can also adjust how the system searches that field by clicking on the second column in the row. The system will give you options like Equals, Contains, Does Not Contain Data, Contains Data etc.

Finally, you have the option to adjust the specific information that the system would find in the completed fields. (If you select Contains Data or Does not Contain Data this will not be available). Depending on the field you may have to type in information like Answer Contains above requires you to type a possible answer. If the field has preset options that you would normally select in a look up or option set, then you will be prompted to select the options the system should look for from those options. If it is a date you can type in the date with Day/Month/Year or you can click on the calendar to select a date



CRM Advanced Find defaults to AND, but sometimes you may need a few criteria met or another set of criteria met. This can be done through grouping as an And or an Or group.

To group records together like you see above, enter your rows and make sure they are together-one after the other.

Select the first row you want in the group by clicking on the arrow and clicking Select Row.

Continue this process through all the rows you want grouped together then and you'll see the rows are highlighted.

Select Group Or in the ribbon tool bar at the top of the screen if you want the find to give you data for any of the information in those fields.

Editing Columns

If you need more data to appear in your search results you can select Edit Columns. In that popup screens you can select Add Columns and another popup will appear that allows you to select fields from the desired Record.

You can also change where each column should be located by selecting the column header and click the left and right arrows.