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Updating Membership Application Fees

Membership application fees reference a dues option. So if you want members to pay fees related to the most current dues options you will need to update the membership application fees. The steps are similar though slightly simpler than creating a new fee so we'll address this more frequent task here.

2. Select a Member Type that has an application fee and open the application fee record.

In most cases there are multiple membership types and each type can have multiple fees. You will need to update all fees for all member types that you want to have updated to the most current dues options.

3. Clear the look up field for Dues Option and Search for the updated option you wish to select.

3.1. As you can see, this can be tricky for dues options with the same name, though the example shows one with a year for ease of reference. To check for the right one click Advanced Lookup.

Type the name of the dues option (or at least part of it) into your Search box to minimize the records you are looking at. Then looking to the right at the Dues Cycle Begin and End Dates will let you know which option is most recent.

4. Save Changes and the next application processed with this fee will reference the new dues option.