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Creating and Editing Continuing Education Activities

On your certification application type you can decide if a person needs to complete continuing education in order to be eligible for certification. The way the system typically tracks this is through Continuing Education Activities. Certificate holders can add and manage these on the portal and they can be added manually be staff. We'll address how to handle both methods in the steps below. *Note that this is often a section of the system that is customized to meet an organizations needs. So the steps below are for our base system and may be different for you.

1. Manage Continuing Education Activities on the Portal

1.1. Click the "Mange Your PDH Hours"

Click the "Mange Your PDH Hours"

The name of the link may vary depending on what your organization calls these, hours, credits, points, etc. The location of the link may also vary depending on your customizations. In this example the link appears as part of the existing certification record. *Note that you will not see a place to enter this information unless the person has an existing certification.

1.2. From within the form you can Add, Edit or Remove credits. Records will be created in CRM.

2. Create or Edit Continuing Education Activities in CRM

2.2. Click "+Add New Continuing E..." to add a new record or click on an existing record in the list to open and edit.

2.3. Complete the Required fields and make any necessary changes.

Complete the Required fields and make any necessary changes.
  • Name is the only required field on the form.
  • Contact is a look up to an existing contact record.
  • Continuing Education Program is also a look up to an existing record.
  • Date is usually the date the course was completed.
  • Description additional information as necessary.

2.4. Documentation can be attached using a note.

2.5. These records can remain in active status or be deactivated as Approved or Rejected.

Note that in most cases an inactive record cannot be applied to an application. So do not mark these as Approved until you are ready to approve the CEU education requirement if applicable. If you have rejected enough of these activities that the application requirement is unfulfilled you can deactivate the requirement on the application and then the rejected activities will no longer show up when the person tries to resubmit.