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One Click Registration for Classes

Many organizations offer classes for free and need to collect registration information, but don't need all the details collected by the full class registration process, including payment details. For these situations you can create a One Click class which allows you to collect registrations and saves customers time. This is available on Cobalt version 3.2 or higher.

Create A Class Record With Required Fields

  • Course - Link to an existing course or create a new one
  • Name - Name of the class that will appear on the portal and wizard
  • Class Begin Date - When the class starts (Date and Time)
  • Class End Date - When the class ends (Date and Time)
  • Eligibile for One Click Registration - Yes
  • Registration Dates
  • Begin Date - When you will start accepting registrations
  • End Date - When you will stop accepting registrations
  • Publish to Portal - Yes

***You can fill out other fields as desired, but DO NOT put a link in the Form field.

Do Not Create a Registration Fee or put data in the Form Field

Save your Class

On the portal confirm the class appears in the Classes List

If you go to the Upcoming Classes list then you will see the option to One-Click Register. Customers can click the button and then the image will change to you are Registered.

If you try to go to the Class through the calendar or details page you will be unable to register through the regular Register button because there is no fee.

A One Click Registration can be canceled just like a regular registration by going to My Classes - Details and clicking Cancel.