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Add a New Class Instructor

2. Complete the fields on the record

  • Name - a unique name for the class Instructor record. Usually the name of the Contact but could be the contact - class or whatever fits your business.
  • Contact - a lookup to the contact. This links the instructor record to the contact record. A person can have multiple instructor records.
  • User - This is a lookup to the record owner. Typically the staff member creating the record but this can be updated or assigned as needed.
  • Biography - Information about the instructor that will display on the portal.

3. Save or Save & Close the record

4. Add Classes to the instructor record or add existing instructors to a class record as needed

Note that classes can have more than one instructor. If you plan to use multiple instructors you may want to have  short biography as the display on the portal can get long if you are scrolling through lots of details about multiple people.