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Create a Class

Navigate to Events --- Classes

You can also create classes from the subgrid on the Course record

Select +New

Fill in the required fields marked by a red asterisk

  • Course - A look up to the course associated with the class. If you started from the course this will populate automatically.
  • Name - Single line of text field for the class name
  • Class Begin Date - Date and Time the class will begin
  • Class End Date - Date and Time the class will end

Fill in as many optional fields as you need

  • Delivery Method - Option set selection for type of class delivery, online, classroom etc.
  • Location - Look up to a class location record
  • Form - Look up to a form which will allow for custom questions or pages as  part of the registration process
  • Meeting - Look up to a meeting if the class is being offered as part of a meeting
  • Staff Contact - Look up to a user record if staff is responsible for the class
  • Order Source - Look up to an order source to enforce specific process rules on the portal

Set Registration Dates and Details

Set Maximum Capacity & Waitlist

Click on the Save or Save & Close button.