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Asynchronous Payment Process Cobalt 2.10+

In order to improve performance, we have modified the process payment wizard to allow the system to process payments asynchronously from other tasks that in prior versions required payments to be completed first. This change improves the customer experience by allowing them to complete transactions on the portal without having to wait for the backend payment process to complete in real time. This is particularly useful if you have group meeting registrations where large numbers of orders may be processed at once or if you have high volume of traffic close to a deadline. While most of the changes occur out of sight of most users, there are a few changes to be aware of for Accounting purposes.

Process executes a Sale type credit card request

If the Payment is successful in your Payment Processor the following actions occur

1. Payment is Saved

2. Sales Order Payment records that link the Payment and Order are created

3. The "Has Pending Payment" field on the order is set to Yes

The customer will be sent to the receipt page as the remaining actions occur in the system

1. The Payment will be applied to the order

2. Sales Order records will be completed as each payment is applied

3. The "Has Pending Payment" field will be reset to No once the payment is applied if there is still a balance due on the order.

You must be aware of the Has Pending Payment field if you make changes to the payment/order later.

If you unapply payment, the orders will activate, but the Has Pending Payment Field will still be marked Yes if the payment fulfilled the Order.

This will keep the order from appearing in Payment Wizards.

In order to reapply payment to an order that was processed asynchronously you must set this field to No.