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Apply Payment to An Order/Invoice

Payments can be applied to a single order/invoice or multiple orders/invoices through the wizard. As part of the wizard the payment is distributed to the products so if you have product specific GL accounts the totals should be reflected there. This article will show you what happens when you click "I want to apply the remainder of this payment to an existing order/invoice" or if you click "Apply payment to order/invoice".

1. Open the Payment Wizard

Payment wizard details are located here.

2. Select Open Invoices or Open Orders.

Select Open Invoices or Open Orders.

If you already have an invoice it makes sense to use that and the invoice will update the order. If no invoice appears you can switch the toggle to open orders. Information about date, amount, balance and customer should be the same for both order and invoice records if both exist.

3. Enter the amount you want to apply to the Order/Invoice.

Enter the amount you want to apply to the Order/Invoice.

You cannot exceed the amount you have in unapplied funds which is displayed below the order list and at the top of the screen. You can apply to multiple orders at once put funds onto a single order and the New Unapplied field will update to show you what you have left. You do not have to apply the whole amount to complete the wizard.

4. Confirm and Submit

Confirm and Submit

The confirmation page will display what changes are about to be made. You can make changes by clicking the Back button.