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Unlock Pricing on an Order or Invoice

There are situations in which you may wish to edit the amount you charge for individual products. You can edit the quantity and discount of the Product on the Order/Invoice record, but there are a few steps to follow to get the change to stick.

2. Check the "Prices Locked" field: if it is NO - skip to step 4. If it is YES - proceed to step 3.

4. From the Products subgrid, open the Product record that should be edited.

5. The Order Product record will open.

  • Existing Product: This is the 'link' to the Product record where this product already exists in the system.
  • Pricing: Choose either "Use Default" (the price of the Product listed) or "Override Price" (this allows custom pricing)
  • Price Per Unit: The cost of a single unit of the product - this is what will be changed when the price is overridden.
  • Quantity: The number of Products in the Order - this value will be used to calculate the total amount,

6. Change the Pricing field to Override Price.

7. Update the Price per Unit values and any other price fields available.

  • Amount: Will automatically calculate based upon the values set for "Price Per Unit" and "Quantity".
  • Extended Amount: Will automatically calculate based upon the Amount field and any additional discounts/tax.

8. Save Changes to see updates to the Amount and Extended Amount fields.

9. Return to Order or Invoice to make sure that it is now correct.

***Note: Cobalt does not recommend editing the Invoice only. Our suggested best practice is to update the Order record, as most organizations only create the Invoice when the Order is paid. For those that generate Invoices when the order is created, we suggest updating both records (or generating a new invoice when you update the order) to keep records correctly aligned.