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Search and Pay for Unrelated Orders/ for Orders on Multiple Contact Records

When using the Process Payment wizard or the Payment wizard, you may encounter situations in which you want to apply a payment made by one Contact to another Contact's order. You may also find that they aren't related via an Account, or the transaction is not part of any open registration wizard. You can apply Payment from any Contact to any other Contact or Account in the system, but there are a few steps to follow in order to identify the Order when using the Payment wizards.

This article details a few options to accomplish this, along with the order of operations to follow.

1. [Option 1]: Make multiple payments with the same card, or use the credit card in the Process Payment wizard for the contact you want to pay for:

Choose this option if you do not care whose Contact record is connected to the Payment record.

The system doesn't care whose name is on the credit card. If you have a Contact who wants to pay for another person, you can use the paying Contact's credit card in the Payment Wizard for the other person. The Payment will be linked to the Contact that the Payment was for, not the Contact who owns the card.

Example: Jim wants to pay for Julie's order. Log into Julie's portal/contact record and use the process payment wizard. When it comes time to enter the payment, enter Jim's credit card information. The Payment will appear under Julie's record.

2. [Option 2] Search for Orders in the Process Payment and Payment Wizards:

Choose this option if you want the system to reflect which Contact made the Payment, but want to apply Payment to Orders that are not on the person's Contact record.

Example: Julie wants to pay for Jim's order, but she needs the payment to be connected with her Contact record.
Example: Office ABC has an unapplied payment that needs to be applied to employee orders.

2.1. Collect the Order ID numbers for the orders you want to fulfill, or the Invoice numbers if there are open invoices.

  • For individual Orders or a small number of Orders, you can get this number by opening the Order/Invoice record and copying the Order ID. Open any text document (Word, Excel, Notepad) and paste the Order ID number(s) you want so you have easy access to them.
For individual orders or small number of orders you can get this number by opening the order/invoice record and copying the Order ID.
  • For a large number of Orders, create an Advanced Find. Add a Column to your results for "Order ID". Export the list of Orders to Excel so you can copy the Order ID numbers from the spreadsheet.

2.2. On the Contact/Account record that paying, open the Process Payment for new payments, or the Payment wizard for existing payment records.

2.4. Confirm that the correct order appears and click Pay Now to add it to your list.

Confirm that the correct order appears and click Pay Now to add it to your list.

2.5. Continue to paste each order number into the search window and click Pay Now when the result displays until you have all orders on your list.

2.6. Select the orders and Payment Type then Click Continue.

Select the orders and Payment Type then Click Continue.

2.7. Proceed through the wizard as you would with any other payment.

  • The payment record will appear for the contact or account you started from and the orders you selected on other accounts/contacts will be fulfilled.