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Manually Creating an Order

Occasionally, you may need to manually create an Order for a Contact or an Account. This article will walk through the process of manually creating an Order and how to add products to it.

3. The Order form will open. Fill out all fields marked with a red asterisk (except Order ID). Click Save.

These fields may already be populated with information from the Account or Contact record.

  • Order ID: a read-only field that is auto-populated after the record is saved. This is the unique identifier for the Order.
  • Name: The readable name of the Order that will display in the system.
  • Price List: The pricing type that determines the cost of the Products in the Order. This is auto-populated when creating an order from a Contact record, and uses the Contact's price list.
  • Potential Customer: The name of the Contact that the Order is for.

4. The record will update to include the "Products" sub-grid. Click +Add Product.

5. The Order Product form will open. Fill out all fields marked with a red asterisk. Click Save.

  • Select Product: Either "Existing" or "Write In". Order Products can either be existing Products from the Product Catalog (they already exist in the system) or are one time "ad-hoc" write-in Products.
  • Existing Product: If the product already exists in the system, select it here.
  • Unit: This typically will default to "Primary Unit" unless a custom unit is required.
  • Pricing: Either 'Use Default" or "Override Price". Choose "Override Price" if you would like to set a custom price for this specific Order Product, rather than the original price of the product.
  • Quantity: Set the number of products you would like this Order to contain.

After saving, the Order Product will be added to the Order. Reload the Order record to see the update. Repeat this step until all necessary Products have been added to the Order.

6. On the Order record, edit quantities, apply discounts, or remove products from the list until the Order is correct.

You can view the Total Amount of the Order, the Order Balance remaining, and the Status/Status Reason of the Order on the top right. These values automatically populate once Order Products have been added, or when the Order has been recalculated.