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Manually Creating a Payment

Most Payment records will be created automatically through the portal or through the Process Payment Wizard. However, you may find some cases where it makes sense to manually create a payment record and then apply it. Typically this is used only for cash and check payments, since manually creating a credit card payment does not submit the information to your payment processing system like the portal and wizard do. You should only create a credit card payment manually if, for some reason, the wizard or portal failed to create the record but you have confirmation from your processor that the payment went through and you need to create the record to match the existing transaction. The creation of the Payment record does not process the payment itself.

3. Fill out all fields marked with a red asterisk: Payment Type and Amount.

The next section of the form is dependent on what selection is made for the Payment Type field.

  • If Payment Type = Check, a new section titled "Check Information" will appear.
  • If Payment Type = Credit Card, a new section titled "Credit Card Details" will appear.
  • If Payment Type = Cash, no sections will appear.

Fill out any required and relevant sections to the best of your ability. Click the "Save" button in the top ribbon once complete.

3.1. Note: As the creation of the Payment record does not actually process the payment, the information fields do not need to be filled out accurately** for the Payment to be applied.

Note: You have to complete fields to get the record to save but for the most part it doesn't matter what you enter.

Since the payment is already processed the rest of this information is already with the payment processor and doesn't matter on the payment record, but will need to be completed to save the record.

**HOWEVER, we highly recommend that the transaction ID be accurate based on your reporting from your payment processor, as that will help maintain data integrity. This will additionally protect you from creating Payments that never actually went through.