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Cron Job History

How to view Cron Job history.

1. Once you log into D365, select the desired Staff App:

2. From the bottom left Area Section, select the Settings Area:

3. From the Settings Area, scroll down on the left navigation panel and select: Cron Jobs:

4. We are using the CheckRecurringPaymentPlanCharges Cron Job, but you can select any Cron Job.  Open the CheckRecurringPaymentPlanCharges Cron Job:

5. The Cron Job Screen shows the Cron Job Parameters, the Pending Cron Schedules (named Cron Jobs in the Sub-Grid) and the Historical Cron Schedules (named Historical Cron Jobs):

6. From the Historical Cron Jobs (Historical Cron Schedules) Sub-Grid, double click the date of the Cron Schedule you want to review:

7. From here the Cron Schedule does not show much, but you can navigate to the Process Log (Activities) to view the contents of that Process Log:

8. When opening the Related Activities, the View defaults to: Open Activity Associated View.  If there is not a Process Log there, change the View to: All Activities:

9. Open the Process Log that is there:

10. The Process Log contains a Timeline that has Notes for everything the Cron Schedule ran.  You can expand each note to see detailed logs of the process that ran:

NOTE: The Process Logs can be searched via Advanced Find, but the contents of the Notes inside of the Process Log cannot.  If you are ever parsing through a Process Log and its Notes, you can copy the contents out to a different Application (Example: Notepad++) to search and mark the contents.  You can always use CTRL-F in your Browser if you opened every Note.