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Max Number of Saved Profiles

Note: You must upgrade to Cobalt 3.9 for this functionality.

What is a maximum number of saved profiles?

In Dynamics 365, recurring payment profiles are saved and tied to a contact record. In order to mitigate risk of fraud, a maximum number of saved payment profiles can be configured within the system settings.

How to Configure a Max Number of Saved Profiles

1. Begin in Dynamics 365

2. Navigate to the Settings record

3. Click on the System tab

4. Locate the Credit Card Processor Service Configuration field

This service configuration typically has multiple properties associated with it; the property referring to max number of saved profiles can be configured as follows:

  • Name: MaxiumimNumberOfSavedProfiles
  • Type: Int32
  • Value: *Number of maximum*
  • Encrypt Value: No

Your organization may not want users to save payment profiles. To achieve this, set the value to 0.

When customers reach their max number of saved profiles, the option to save credentials to a user's profile is removed from the payment page.

Note: Staff is able to bypass the saved profiles limit in the back end by manually creating new payment profile records.