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Session Expiration Pop-up Warning Configuration

Portal and ISV Enabled

To reduce online traffic, users who have been idle will receive a warning that their session will expire soon, and they will be logged out unless the user clicks "Keep Working". Follow these steps to enable the session expiration timeout warning in both the Portal as well as ISV.

Note: In these steps, you will be accessing configuration files. For beginners, it is suggested that you backup the file before making any changes. To keep a backup, simply copy the folder prior to making changes, and store the copy in a different location.

1. Navigate to the Keeper vault

  • Login to Keeper with your organization's credentials, and connect to the virtual machine (VM) that hosts web apps.
  • To connect to the organization's VM, connect to the IP address (listed on the Keeper record) via Remote Desktop

2. Open the File Explorer in the VM

  • Once you are in the environment, open the file explorer.

3. Open the organization's Portal web.config file

  • Locate the organization's portal web.config file by going to:
    • Data (D:) > Cobalt > Portal > Web Configuration File

4. In the Portal Web.config file, add the following:

  • Add the following node to the Portal web.config in the system.web section (the numeric value refers to the number of minutes that a user may be idle before the warning appears):
<membership defaultProvider="Cobalt" userIsOnlineTimeWindow="15" hashAlgorithmType="">
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  • Add the following node to both web.configs in the the handlers section (if there is not already a handlers section, it should look like this in the system.web section):
			<add name="SessionKeepAlive" verb="*" path="/Authentication/SessionKeepAlive.ashx" type="Cobalt.Applications.Crm.Shared.Authentication.SessionKeepAlive"/>
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  • In the appSettings section, add the following:
<add key="EnableInactivityTimer" value="true"/>
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5. Close the web.config file window

6. Open the ISV web.config file

7. In the ISV web.config file, repeat Step 4.

8. Close the web.config file window

9. Open a browser, and log in to the portal website

10. After 15 minutes, the session expiration timeout warning will appear to the user.