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Refund an Amount not related to price of specific Product

For steps on how to make a partial refund for a specific product/line item, go here.

The steps below are for times when you need to refund a specific amount not related to the price of the products, like when a discount was not applied or the wrong amount was charged. These steps will allow you to adjust the order and apply the correct amount, which will leave the remainder available for refunds.

This will require a few trips through the wizard to make it work.

Step 1: Unapply the Payment

  • Go to the payment record and launch the Process Payment Wizard.
  • Select “I want to unapply some or all of the amount applied from this payment”.
  • Proceed through the wizard to unapply the Payment. Make sure you cancel the invoice.
    • These steps will result in the Payment record and Order being activated. You will need to cancel the existing invoice so that the system will later create one with the corrected amount.

Unapply Some or All of a Payment

Step 2: Adjust the Order

  • Return to the original Order record the Payment was for.
  • Select the Order Product(s) for the Order to get the correct Order amount. This will allow you to apply the amount you want to keep to the Order.

Edit Order Products on an Existing Order

Step 3: Apply the Payment

  • Apply the Payment using the Payment Wizard

Apply Payment to An Order/Invoice

Step 4: Refund the Unapplied Amount

  • Refund the remaining unapplied amount using the Payment Wizard

Refund the Unapplied Amount of a Payment