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Using Marketing Lists in Segments

Note: This functionality is only available to users who have the D365 Marketing add-on/application.

Most of the time, we'd say to forego the Marketing List and just create a Segment. Segments have better capabilities. We recently ran across a great use case for using a Marketing List in a Segment.

For example, if you already have Marketing Lists that are configured and you want to use that list of contacts in a Segment. It can be a great way to save time on setup if you don't want to rebuild your list.

1. Create a static Marketing List using your saved Advanced Find view

In the outbound marketing area, go to Subscription Lists on the left-side navigation, then click +New Marketing List.

Next, enter a name for the list, set the type as Static, and select the target entity.

2. Save the record and click Manage Members from the top toolbar to select members

3. Finish creating your Marketing List and head to Segments via the left-side navigation

4. Create a new Segment with the Marketing List

In the top ribbon, click +New Segment and select the type.

5. Give the Segment a name and click Add query block

6. In the query block, set the entity drop-down to Marketing List

7. Next, set the Marketing List you created

In the field drop-down, select Marketing List. Then, click in the lookup field to select your Marketing List. You can use the middle drop-down, shown as "Is" below, to include or exclude lists.

Underneath that "Marketing List Is..." line, you can Add more parameters, like another Marketing List lookup parameter. In that case, make sure to change the clause from AND to OR, to let the system know the person can be a member of either Marketing List. Otherwise, they need to be a member of both lists to be in the Segment.

8. For the Select entity drop-down below, select the relationship

Will your target segment members be Contacts, Accounts, or Leads? If your list is based on Contacts, select the Contact option.

9. Add specific Contact parameters if needed, otherwise click save

10. In order to generate the members for the Segment, the last step is to Go Live!

After your segment is live, you can go to the Members tab to view the list.