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Account-based (Organizational) Membership

End-to-end organizational (account-based) membership is now supported completely out of the box. A contact with the appropriate permissions can submit a membership application on behalf of an Account.


  • An active Account record
  • An active Contact record
  • The Contact record should have an active Contact Affiliation record for the Account.
  • The Contact Affiliation record should have the appropriate Portal Role to apply for Account-based membership.

To apply for Account-based membership:

  1. Log into the portal as a Contact with a Contact Affiliation with an active Account record.
  2. Start the Account Membership Application process.
  3. Once completed, navigate back to CRM and to the membership application record.
  4. The "Submitted By" field should be the Contact that was logged in.
  5. The "Account" field should be set to the Account record that is related to the Contact
  6. The "Contact" field will be left blank
  7. The "Join Date", "Expiration Date" membership date fields are updated appropriately.

To renew an Account-based membership:

  1. Log in to the portal as a Contact with a Contact Affiliation with an eligible Account record.
  2. Click on "Renew your Account based Membership"
  3. Complete the renewal process. Navigate back to CRM.
  4. Navigate to the Dues Item that was created.
  5. Verify that the "Paid By" field contains the Contact that paid for the Dues Item on behalf of the Account
  6. Navigate to the Membership record.
  7. Verify that the membership dates are updated appropriately.