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Purchase Web Element Without Logging In

Users can now access the portal and purchase an eligible web element when not logged in. The steps below will go over the steps needed to set up this web element and how to complete the purchasing process.


  • A Web Element Type that has at least one related fee
    • The Web Element Type should have "Publish To Portal" = Yes

1. Impersonate a Contact with an active staff CMS user role

2. From the Portal home page, navigate to the Web Element Designer

This will be the portal URL with /WebElementDesigner.aspx Ex:

3. Go to 'Custom Elements' --> 'Custom eCommerce'

4. Click 'Details' next to the created product

5. Expand the Web Element Generator on the left of the screen and click 'Configure Element'

6. Change 'Require Login for Purchase' to No. Save and close.

7. In the Web Element Generator, add a portal menu location so it is available on the portal. Save.

  • 8|Custom Web Elements?halflings white star|1|Does not require login

8. In a different tab, go to the portal login page. Do not login.

9. Verify your web element is present and click it.

10. Verify the web element says 'Buy Now' and click the button.

11. Verify you are taken to /WebElements/Submission/Summary.aspx2.

12. Go through the payment process and submit your payment.

  • Verify the payment page asks for a first name, last name, and email address.

13. Go back to CRM and create an advanced find for web element submissions.

  • Verify your web element submission is there and a new contact that matches the information submitted has been created.