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Account Admin Updating Account Details

Account administrators with the ‘Manage Account Details’ permissions on their Contact Affiliation can now update information about an account, such as the phone number, email, website, and address information. Account information is configurable and additional information can be added via Cobalt’s form functionality.

To access the Manage Details page for Accounts:

  1. You must be an active Contact with a Contact Affiliation to the Account.
    1. The Contact Affiliation must have ‘Manage Account Details’ set to Yes.
  2. Log in to the Portal. The Contact Affiliation Account tile on the home page should be visible.
  3. Click on “Manage Account Details” in the tile.
  4. Verify that the page redirects to /Account/Update/AccountInformation.aspx

To make updates:

The Account Profile Update process mirrors the Contact update process. The page will contain the following:

  1. Left-hand navigation bar for the user to toggle between pages
  2. Account information fields:
    1. Name*
    2. Phone
    3. Email
    4. Website
    5. Mailing Address
    6. Billing Address

Select the “Update” button information to save any updates to the information on the form. Users will see a success message when updates are complete.

*The Name field is required by the system, all others will be optional.

Configuring the form pages and fields:

The form and fields available for Account Administrators to change are configurable.

  1. In CRM, navigate to Settings > Forms to configure a new or existing form in the Account Profile Update process.
  2. Look on the Portal section > Account Update Form field to add new/existing form that will show up on the portal
  3. There should be a form already on there: “Account update page  test form”
  4. Navigate to the Portal > Manage Account Details in the Cobalt (Contact Affiliation) Tile
  5. Verify that there is an “Additional Information” Page on the left-hand navigation bar