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How to move Batch Items to a different Batch

Batches group together e-commerce transactions based on defined logic. There may be a scenario where you may want to move a transaction to a different Batch (for example, a customer sent a check on the last day of the month and the payment wasn't processed until the next day but you would like it to show in the previous month).

There's no way to change the Created On date on the Payment record, the Batch Item, or the related GL Account Entries, but there is a workaround for when Batches are exported to your accounting software. In this scenario, a manual Batch can be created and the Batch Item from the transaction can be moved to the manual Batch.

Create the manual Batch

  • Navigate to E-Commerce > Batches. Click the +New button. 
  • Fill in the Batch ID and Save the record. The Batch ID can be anything you like (ie: "November Correction") as long as know it's for this entry. 
  • Once this is done, the Batch Item for the transaction(s) can be moved into the new manual Batch.

Move the Batch Item to the manual Batch

  • From the Payment record, open the related Batch Item.
  • Set the Batch by clicking the lookup icon
  • Search for the manual Batch that was created, select it, and save the record.
  • Complete the same steps to move the Batch Item for the Invoice to the manual Batch.
  • The manual Batch can be posted to your accounting software as needed.