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Alerts - Merged Text

Alerts now support merge text, to allow for a more specific and personalized messaging experience on the Portal. Currently only a single alert with merge text can be supported at a time.

For more details and instructions on how to set up Alerts, go here.

2. Set the value of the service configuration property to be the schema values to be used for merged text.

  • Properties should be entered with pipe delimiters (|) but should not contain extra spacing/characters outside of the schema name.
    • Example: firstname|lastname|emailaddress
  • Each schema name will correspond to {0}, {1}, {2}, etc. for formatting in the alert.
    • Example: 0=firstname|1=lastname

4. Create an Alert:

  • Regarding Entity = contact
  • Display in Portal = Yes
  • Set the alert text. For the merge text, use the {NUMBER} format that corresponds to the desired schema name value that was set in the Service Configuration Property.
    • Example: For "[firstname lastname], welcome to the Portal!", set "{0} {1}, welcome to the Portal!": where {0} = firstname and {1} = lastname.

5. Set the query for the alert, if needed.

7. Verify that the alert appears with the merge text.