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Downloading Web Element Grid/List as Excel Template

Web element grids/lists are now downloadable as excel templates, allowing portal users to download a streamlined report as opposed to just an Excel sheet. For information on how to create an Excel template, please visit here.

2. Click on the Custom Elements tab and select either "Custom List" or "Custom Grid" view.

3. Open the Web Element Generator (the pullout arrow on the top left of the screen) and click "Configure Element".

4. To set up the web element:

  • Select whichever entity and saved query is needed for the web element.
  • Under Record Options, select "Allow Download".
  • Open the Advanced Options > select the appropriate download template (this will be the Excel template).

5. Save and Close.

6. A button will appear to "Download for Excel" on the Web Element page.

7. Click the button to download the file.

  • Verify that a file downloads correctly -- it should be formatted as [Download Name of the Cobalt Document Template]_[Date]

8. Open the downloaded file and verify that the file contains all formatting and data as appropriate.