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Add Lookup Fields

Form functionality has been expanded to allow for more flexibility. Staff members can now add dynamic lookup fields to new and existing forms via the Form Designer. Users will be presented with an auto-complete text box that will prompt responses.

1. In the CRM, navigate to the Forms entity.

2. Create a new Form or open an existing Form

3. Launch the Form Designer.

5. Click “Add Question” to add to the form.

6. Click “Edit” for the question and verify that the Control Type is Dynamic Lookup (N:1)

7. Save the form.

Once the form has been saved, add it to the relevant form lookup field in the system to be used. When a user starts typing a response (of a minimum of 3 characters) in the lookup field, a dropdown list of responses will appear.

When a user submits a response and the associated question has mapping set, the targeted entity gets the appropriate lookup value set as well.